We created 21st-Haircare as an answer to mass-produced products that were designed to cater to everyone, but benefited no one.

With customized hair care, we are prioritizing each individual. No categories that define people by hair type, gender or ethnicity. And no compromising on a product that can only treat one or two of your hair goals.

Creating made-to-order formulas guarantees optimal freshness as no product ever sits on a shelf waiting to be bought, a waste-free approach that’s a first for the beauty industry.

It's Personal!

When i want the perfect-fitting dress, i wil head to a tailor. So why should my beauty routine be any different?

For Asian women the hair is a symbol of cultural identity, beauty; it’s a social preoccupation.

And when you’ve found the product line of your dreams and your hair seems to love it. But after a time, your hair stops responding. It’s limp. Maybe it’s dry. Or so fragile that simply styles causes breakage. Now you’re back to square one, scrolling through search results online, thinking, “I wish I could find something made just for me.”

A process designed with you in mind.

When you take our consultation, you give us a complete view of everything that could have an impact on your hair and scalp needs.

Our algorithm then processes your answers and uses over 78 factors to determine the unique blend of ingredients needed to treat your concerns, goals and preferences. The result is a freshly-bottled formula that’s just one of over 10,2 billion possible outcomes.

We Redefine User's Experience
and setting the new method for relationship with customers.

21st-Haircare's mission is to return to the consumer-centric roots of beauty, marrying the apothecary-style, one-to-one approach and technology to make personalized products accessible for all.” See it for yourself with one of these customizable beauty brands.

From bright to subtle, from energetic to dreamy, customers can immerse themselves in a world of natural and unique product just for only you.

We’re ready to revolutionize how you love and care for your hair. 21st-Haircare is the turning point of the 21st century shampoo in Asia.



Bottled Just For You

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